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I wanted to thank this entire forum for the help! This was my first try at this, and though it's not much compared to many of the things on this forum, it was the best in the neighborhood and we got lots of compliments - the kids loved it!

The show was running repeatedly through the night, with a 1 minute gap between repeats. This was the first show of the night, so fog was a bit light. Later shows looked a bit better because the fog had built up a bit.

Here's a quick list of what I used:

- notebook PC running LightShowMaster from JLTSoft (syncing the lights & music)
- Insteon appliance & lamp modules for the lighting, fog machine and sound effects control
- ELK-124 for animal sound effects
- 3 rock speakers (stereo for the music, single speaker for the animal effects)
- Chauvet 1000W fog machine
- custom fog cooler (cooler w/2 pieces of perforated drain pipe)
- LED PAR38 bulbs off eBay + a couple incandescent bulbs
- spotlight spike fixtures from Home Depot

YouTube - Halloween Graveyard 2008 - FINAL

Can't wait for next year!
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