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My halloween Christmas present and your story!

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Oh happy day, I got an early Christmas present.

There's a local Horse Rescue group that was looking for fund raising ideas. I tossed out the idea of having a haunt. The president of the group absolutely loved the idea.

She has put an email out looking for intrest within the group. Since I pitched the idea to her I would be making a pitch so to speak to the other members.

This area is not exactly flush with halloween enthusiasts and the whole haunt idea is totally new and foriegn territory for most. It would fall on me to manage the event and get it off the ground. It will probably mean I'll need a lot of aspirin but I look forward to it.

Now the part for your story. I'd like to include some success stories of any other Haunts that are Non profit/ for charity. Tell us all how long your haunt has been going on, it's humble beginings and where it is at now.

I look forward to hearing your stories
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Well i guess you could say ours would have been a success. we got rained out halloween night. our charity is Loma Linda Childrens Hospital. Me and my parents put a bunch of money into our haunted house the last few years and donate all profits. our joy is in actually building the thing and scaring the people that walk through

last year we made about $750 tho. this year we only made about 300 because of the rain. pretty good regardless considering that we dont charge to actually walk through. we just ask for donations as the people leave and they donate depending on how much they like it.

I guess my favorite part is that we actually got a kid to pee his pants this year :D thats all the compliment i need :)
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