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My Halloween Anti-Theft Sign Mini Tutorial

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ok, I made a sign warning about prop theft for my graveyard, for this year...

I know it may not do much good, but it was fun to make, in any case! LOL

Firstly, I ordered wooden letters from a place called Woodland manufacturing, recommended by Dminor on another thread, Woodland is here

Then I picked up some decorative wooden pieces from Lowes, and used some Pink Foam I already had...

Oops, I realized, I had cut the foam too small for the wooden decorations to fit!
I need to add a top and bottom piece of foam to extend the height...

Here it is, layed out with extra top and bottom foam strips

I used foam construction adhesive from Home Depot, and glued the strips top and bottom, and secured with painters tape

I "primed" it with Krylon H2O white latex spray paint

Here it is, painted with Valspar Stone granite spray, from Michaels

Close-up of texture

A little airbrush painting, and "Voila!"...My first attempt at spraypainting weathering, not what I expected, but it's okay, still..this prop was really an afterthought, so I was still pretty happy with the way it came out.
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Excellent sign. Thanks for the toot.
I love this!!! It came out great! Thanks for showing the step by step process:)
i take it u have no camreas. lol nice work
Haha! Backyard, actually I really do have security cameras outside!
gosh lol thats something. its good tho to have them
Really cool idea. I would have made the letters out of foamboard or cardboard cut by my scrapbooking store (can you tell I am part Scottish). My motto is "Cheap is good, free is better."
Thanks all
Sbell, hahaha!
Sledge, ya know, I thought about that! That would be awful
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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