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My Halloween 2015

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I had a great Halloween this year. We got a giant bag of 250 pieces of candy. My brother and I got busy setting up the decorations. We don't have any real Halloween decorations, so we improvised: we used a baby doll and some clown dolls and put them in the window sill of our front porch, we put a fake lobster on the floor with a severed plastic foot, and we stuck a long stuffed snake through the mail door, and we took a big flat piece of wood with fake blood and writing that said "HELP ME" (it was a leftover prop from my other brother's play he was in) and stuck it near the door. The trick-or-treaters started showing up around 3. I decided to keep a tally to see how many would show up. When not tending to the door, my brother and I watch Halloween related videos, such as Halloween AVGN episodes and crappypastas read by Retsupurae. At one point, our upstairs toilet became severely clogged and would not unclog even after my brother spent 20 minutes going at it with a plunger. My two brothers went out trick-or-treating and I stayed home to answer the door. I watched Retupurae's reading of the Blood Whistle crappypasta (very funny). I finally decided to turn the lights of at 10:30 and looked at the tally: we had 112 total trick-or-treaters that night. It was hugely successful and I had a blast getting to hand out the candy and see the kids in their costumes. I hope next year will be fun as well!
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