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My Halloween 2014

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I have not been on the forum in a long long time! I moved and got a new job at a Value Village here in Medicine Hat, Alberta and they do Halloween for 2 months. So that means dressing up in costume everyday for 2 months. On top of that they made me head Halloween Coordinator. So until I get the time to load all the pictures into my albums here I will give you a link to my pinterest board which I needed to keep track of all the costumes I made to do it right. The store had the most Halloween sales ever and the boss even told everyone he gave all the credit to me. I was proud!

Clothing Lady Outerwear Fur Costume



Next year (as they asked if I would do it again) I would sincerely like to do a new costume for every day of the 2 months. This year I had to repeat them a couple times as my final count was at 28 but I got to change a few of them up by using accessories from other ones. But that will have to wait to be seen as it was it was exhausting and not only making them but the whole getting ready and wearing them for 8 to 10 hours at work and trying to work in them at the busiest time of the year. Definitely not for the faint of heart and so different from wearing one costume for a few hours once a year! Oh and this was the kicker I do not drive so I take the metro transit which is not only one bus but 2, so imagine some of those costumes on a public bus through the city!!! Some odd moments happened especially early on in the 2 months. Like Franken' Bride and The Reaper of Lost Souls costumes. The Scottish Punk girl got some unwanted attention from the police while walking to the metro station and that is a mile walk to get there before I can even get on the bus! I am sorry to say (while cackling) that I made one little girl scream and cry hysterically at the store in my witch costume! Proud moment. And a grown man scream like a girl in my simple clown outfit. I never met anyone with a clown phobia, but there he was in the Halloween section at the store with his wife and 2 girls. Another proud moment. I did feel bad when his kids looked at me like I had done something horrid to there dad. LOL! Which one was my favorite? I can honestly say Captain Jack Sparrow but surprisingly The Old Snarly Lady complete with varicose veins on my legs was so much fun as even my co workers did not recognized me and I went in to work early to go around and harass the customers. One lady I kept nudging with my cane to bug her gave me hell and said not to be so mean as other people need to shop here without being harassed, then screamed out loud when I told her who I was and I had half the store around me trying to figure out what was going on. That wig cost me $1.00 in the used section. It was covered in dirt and smelled really bad but there was a gem under there when washed out. So if you get the time please leave a note and let me know which one is your fave as this will also help guide me towards the making of next years costumes.
P.S get a load of Rasta Man's t-shirt I found at the store. I was looking for a simple tie die shirt and found that one. Too Perfect!
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