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my half coffin groundbreaker

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I thought I'd post this, I made this last Halloween (2014), I planed for it to be a ground breaker that rattled it's door, I couldnt really get the door to knock around like I had planned so for the most part it became a static prop with a motion activated strobe on it and some fog.
I made it out of pink foam and painted it in a faux wood finish.
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Well I'm surprised it hasn't caught on sooner, we make the stones from foam, makes sense,why not the half coffins?
I've seen them done before, but I would think that the size of it would make it susceptible to wind damage when stood upright like that. I'f I do one I may reinforce it inside with a wood or pvc frame.

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thatnks everyone!

I make the wood grain look with wire brushes dragged along the "grain" of the foam and I use some curved semi-circular motions to get the variations and almost knot hole look. I also use an Xacto to carve the board separations and worn edges and I use a rough sanding block to polish it up a bit. Then I use the heat gun method to get deep grain, heavy in some areas, less in others.

For paint I start with a dark brown to get in the grooves and then follow it up with several lighter brown and beige and white washes depending on how old I want it to look, the finish it off with a black wash with a spray bottle.

I made the base from from foam as well and used tent stakes to anchor it down.

I used a small electric motor and a cam on a motion sensor to bang the lid and it worked really good indoors but didnt work when introduced to any slight wind, so I will have to revisit it next year and see if I can find a better way to do it. I dont think a wiper motor will spin fast enough to get the violent banging I'm looking for
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