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My forum shirt arrived!

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MichaelMyers asked for a thread when the first shirt was received. Got mine today & it looks great. Should have gone with a small, but oh well. Pick to come in a bit.

Anyone else get thiers yet?
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I didn't know we could order them yet! I thought everyone was still voting.
Yep! The voting was just so the winner can get a free shirt. All designs are available for purchase at this time.

Here's mine:

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Halloween Princess...thanks for starting the thread!! The shirt looks great...mine should be coming any day and I will upload a pic :)
(the only thing is that when I upload it, its a link that you have to click on to see it, not an actual picture in the post that you can see. Can anyone help me fix this??)

...if you put the url in between the two of them it should show it as a picture.
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OMG! That looks so good on yellow! I'm so flattered you picked my design! :eek:
I really like your design on yellow too. Too bad I look like I need a liver transplant when I wear yellow. :rolleyes: BUT it looks cute on pink and pale blue too....

I can't wait!!! :D
I haven't ordered yet, cause I can't decide which design I like best... may just have to order several. lol
Looks great on you and you made an excellent choice!

Thankyou for helping me choose which shirt I want :D..it looks awesome as well :D
Damn, I didn't know we could do it yet either! Where is the link to order them?
Looks great! Did you order a med?
it doesn't show it having an image on the back, or did I miss something?

I went to order a yellow one just like the one Halloween Princess has and it doesn't appear to be a color choice any longer.
Here is the link Halloween Shirts Halloween Shirts

Once you choose which design you like, click on the name on the left hand column. There is where you'll find all the products (hoodies, kids shirts, sweats, etc). Mine is the women's light Tshirt in light yellow.

Yes, mine is a medium.
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