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My foam weapons...BIG graphics ahead :)))

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Just finished building a bunch of weapons. My little seven year old daughter loves running around the yard with them. Nothing cuter than a seven year old running with an axe in each hand...lol. Enjoy the eye candy!

Mineral Crystal Rock Gemstone Quartz
Axe Hatchet Dane axe Broadaxe Splitting maul
Lump hammer Antique tool Stonemason's hammer Hammer Mallet

Dane axe Antique tool Axe Hatchet Stonemason's hammer
Antique tool
Antique tool Axe Splitting maul Stonemason's hammer Hatchet

Antique tool Axe Stonemason's hammer Hatchet Splitting maul
Antique tool Stonemason's hammer Tool Hammer Axe


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Wow, those look great. I'm assuming that's real wood for the handles. You selling any?
yeah, wood handles and flex foam heads. We sell a bunch of different items each season, I'll only be selling off a few weapons this year though. It's hard to sell stuff because when I finish them I just want to keep everything...lol. I do try to keep advertising and selling out of posts (or as light as possible) though just to keep this a cool DIY and showcase area. If anyone wants info send me a pm and I'll give you info though.

This year has been awesome for building. Not sure why or how we're getting so much done this year...The 8' monster mud reaper, 6' obelisk tombstone, a couple of scarecrow masks, a bunch of corpsed skulls. We hosted a beloved tombstone group build for the haunt group we're in. And hopefully more before Oct 1st when we put stuff out.
They look great!! You need to do a tutorial.
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Yes a tutorial would be great! Nice work FirstSpartan!
Very realistic~great job!!!
Amazing. Close-up high-resolution pictures don't give anything away. They look real !
I wouldn't mind doing a video tutorial on this although the startup costs and time to make the molds for the axe heads/hammer heads may make it a no-go for most people. The painting part would be no problem.
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