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My flying wraith

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I wish i had video of this flying wraith i mad for a small graveyard on the side of my house. It would fly (and FAST) from the back staright towrds the visitors. It sent people screaming down the street. Its a store bought prop I attached to a looped string. It went from the front of the graveyard to the back fence where you can see in the well lit pic is spooled onto a large spool and my drill was used to power it. Forward and reverse were used. Remember nobody can see back there because it was so dark and with fog.
Use your imagination. This thing would come flying through the fog straight at them leaving a wake of fog behind it.

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Very cool! Was the drill operated by remote control?
That is just awesome, and such a simple setup also. I would love to do something like that. Good job, and yes, a video would be great to see. :p
Very neat idea! I have a spot in my yard where I could use something like that. I see the spool in the background but what is it connected to in the front? Any chance we could get some closer pictures of the rig and the connections?

I can only imagine the terror that thing creates when it comes busting through the fog!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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