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Went downtown a few days ago and went through the Ripley's Haunted house. Not too scary seeing as they only have about 4 actors when it's not the season but it sure felt good walking through a haunt. The setup of the place is really nice too. I stopped and admired a few times. I also went to the Alamo for the fist time and I have lived in SAn Antonio for almost 20 years and never been. haha
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Ahhh, the old needing a Halloween fix, i used to know it well. But not anymore.
You see i spend almost every waking moment of my life doing something halloween related. I have so many prop projects in my basement it looks like a crypt. When i'm not building props i'm planning out new ones or improving existing ones.Ibrowse costume catalogs frequently putting together ideas for future years costumes. It is a beautiful feeling though to be able to go someplace and just stand and drool around halloween stuff.
Ditto that :) I've got my own personal graveyard in the basement too. heh.

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