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Went downtown a few days ago and went through the Ripley's Haunted house. Not too scary seeing as they only have about 4 actors when it's not the season but it sure felt good walking through a haunt. The setup of the place is really nice too. I stopped and admired a few times. I also went to the Alamo for the fist time and I have lived in SAn Antonio for almost 20 years and never been. haha
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I really wish I had a basement.

I come here and the other Hforum to get my fix. I just recently turned one of our bedrooms into a workroom for "crafts" :rolleyes: so I'm doing a bit more on the Halloween projects.

GDFreak - when I was in San Antonio a while back, the last day we went to go see Ripley's and the Alamo, but we got there barely an hour before closing and had to decide which one to see - and went to the Ripley's. I'm so jealous!:D
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