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My first Pneumatic Prop

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This is my first attempt at a pneumatic prop. I used an old weight bench as a frame to mount the cylinder and the chair. The frame for the man was made from 3/4 pvc. The cylinder is a Clippard double acting with a 30" stroke. I have a 5-way solenoid valve that controls air to the cylinder. A remote control relay with keychain remote activates the prop. I also have a DEI timer relay and two bosch relays. The sound is done with a Cowlacious car/p 300 recorder player. The head is by Brian Wright. (I added the eyes and did a little detail work on the teeth.) I have an LED light mounted to the back of the knife to provide an uplight to the face.

YouTube - Scary Pneumatic Halloween Prop "The standing Old Man with Knife"
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I think you nailed it for your first prop. I really like the movement on it very smooth. Give yourself a pat on the back you hit a home run.
Looks great! Way better than my first pneumatic prop.
Very nice.
Especially for you first air prop.
My first air prop was a simple pop up.
It didn't scare anyone!!!!!
Not bad for a first pneumatic prop. Who am I kidding? It's not bad for a 10th pneumatic prop! Excellent work!
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