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I'm not sure if this qualifies as "mechanical" or not, it's sound activated. AND I'm not sure I added the images from Photobucket or the video from Flickr correctly, They just show up as text on the preview. Help and guidance appreciated.


I had one of those "Frankenstein's Monster" type hands that scurries around on the floor (or wherever), but the thumb broke so it would just lie there twitching. I had utilized it in this condition before, but it was not as satisfying as it could have been. Then two years ago, I got the idea to put it in a birdcage where it's twitching might be more fun.


Anyone who's shopped for a used birdcage, especially one that isn't basically a rectangle, knows that they're pretty spendy, even used, even at a yard sale. Then I got the idea to get a "decorative" cage and that made all the difference. I distressed it with paint inside and out.


Some of the skin had torn (this thing was at least a decade old) so I "bloodied" up some tea-stained gauze and made dirty bandages to cover. My cage had a wire bottom that made the twitching seize up, so I made a noose out of stained and bloodied twine and hung it from the top so it could twitch freely about the cabin. ;) There's a piece of straight wire attached to a twine on the outside that I can use to turn on and off the animation.


I used random found and craftstore feathers and a foot that had fallen off a Dollar Tree crow in the food dishes and around the cage. Since these photos were taken I've added some stained paper to the bottom from a charming weekly paper in Portland Oregon that lists all the arrests and mugshot of that week which I happened to find on the street after the week's recyling was picked up. (SCORE!)


I hung it up a couple of days ago with the mummified fairy prisoner/pet I made a couple of weeks ago: http://www.halloweenforum.com/halloween-props/129784-my-newest-prisoner-pet.html

I think I'll keep adding to this "collection" over the years. An important theory I have for Halloween decorating is that large groups of things are way more sinister looking.
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