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My first ground breaker

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Okay, here's my first attempt at a ground breaker. Thanks go to dept1031 for the inspiration. I'm fairly happy with it, but I still feel like it needs something......... Any suggestions?
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looks great but can you put some teeth in it?
looks excellent my friend WAY better than my first one... keep up the good work !!!
i would add spiderwebs and hair
wow simply amazing. but maybe some rotted teeth. you could get the billy bob teeth or something like that and just glue it
Thanks for the complements and suggestions, I think the teeth were just what it needed. Thanks also to devils chariot for the great polymer clay teeth tutorial.......
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Very nice job! Looks great!
Looks great but I hate to play devil's advocate. He looks... blissfull. I would add something to down-turn the corners of his mouth. But if breaking free and glad is your objective then you did it perfect. :)
What the heck's he smiling about? Must be the teeth, thought he was coming to gum me to death the first go round! Nice work, I would age the teeth just a bit...smiles the first thing to go...or so I hear!
Great Job!
The teeth are a great addition. JA's idea of ageing them a bit would help them to blend in nicely.
Maybe consider a few strands of hair and adding a few scraps of weathered muslin or creepy cloth here and there to represent some rotted grave clothes and just break up the "clean" lines a little.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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