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My First Corpsed Skelly

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Ok, so first attempt at corpsing a skelly. I started with a Wally I have from a few years ago ($40 at walgreens), and used the Stiltbeast method

Its not quite done yet, but I'm liking the effect so far. Didn't take too many pictures as I was going through the process, but best advice: TAKE IT SLOW... don't rush.

Soil Plant

Here's my test run of the stain (Not Gel Stain, just basic MinWax wood stain)

Metal Rock

Denim Rock

No dry brushing done yet, just the first coat of stain on the front...
(I don't have the first one done, and i'm already thinking about how I can improve and what to change for the 2nd skelly.)

Here's more pics, including my second Skelly.

Wood Hand Plant

Tortoise Turtle Reptile Pond turtle Rock

Sculpture Art Space


Rinderbraten Turtle Sauerbraten Rock Reptile


Water Rock Metal

Thoughts/Impressions/CC welcomed
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