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So I haven't been able to really start all my decorating that I want to get done. For the past couple years I haven't really been able to decorate. I did some simple things last year but I literally had to take everything done the night of Halloween. My house is over 100 years old and unfortunately my porch needed to be redone. Construction started Nov. 1st LAST YEAR. With the winter, all the rain on every weekend we tried to have it done and a bunch of other issues it finally got done... last night. We knew it would be done in time for Halloween so we did start to make some things. I will eventually have a grand display but right now I just started simple. So this year I decided to do a simple witches cauldron. Hey have to start some where. Here is what I got done.

I got a free piece of plywood from Lowes. (if you go to the cutting station they usually have scraps. I got this one for free. Who doesn't love FREE). I laid out my lights and possible other props. I placed the cauldron in the middle to see how it all fit. I used battery operated orange LED lights. I actually was going to use dollar store orange lights but the LED ones I found actually twinkled so it had a better effect. I must say though, the dollar store ones were pretty good. Here is my first layout. My cat was really interested in the bird skeleton lol.

20181007_132040.jpg 20181007_130243.jpg

Next I used expandable foam to make my pit/coals. I of course didn't want my cauldron to stick so I just used a piece of plastic to cover it. I tested the lights before I painted. I did try my best to make sure the foam didn't wind up looking like intestines. Still not bad for my first one if I do say so myself.

20181007_142429.jpg 20181007_184116.jpg

For my last step I painted the foam and the base. I used a combo of blacks and grays. I like the way it came out but I do admit I was a little heavy handed with the paint. I do like how it turned out but I wish I went a little lighter with the paint. Tip for the future... less is more.

20181014_164635.jpg 20181014_164646.jpg

I have aged plastic cauldrons before but they were a lot smaller. This was a challenge. I used a lot of different spray paint colors and textures. I layered the paint to build up the right color. Now in the past I have used the oatmeal/sand/glue mixture. It never really worked or looked like I wanted it to. I was going to use it this year but instead I decided to just try to use the spray foam. With gloves on of course I used my fingers to place the foam. I first sprayed a little on a piece of cardboard and used it as a palette. It actually came out way better than I expected. I don't think I will ever go back to the oatmeal/sand mixture.

The picture doesn't do the color justice.

Here is the final result.


Not bad for my first try. I will post a picture of the final set up when it is done. The paint wasn't dry on the porch yesterday so I didn't get to it yet but it will be done by this weekend. Also.. I plan on having a skeleton holding a sign saying " THE PORCH IS DONE!" lol. I live on a busy corner so my neighborhood has seen the porch struggle. The lights really do make it look like the coals are still burning/flickering. It is a great effect. Thankfully you can still see it even with my heavy handed paint job. Again..the picture doesn't do it justice.

Thanks for having this site by the way. I used a lot of tips and tricks that people had posted. I couldn't have done it with out this site so thanks!
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