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Attempted my first ever prop build this year. A homemade electric chair using a palm sander for vibration underneath the seat, frightprops electric firecracker for sparking/noise also underneath the seat and a strobe light behind the chair to light up between the pallet slats. The chair was constructed with the 2x4's and slats from pallets I collected and two 4x4s I had lying around the house. I constructed the frame with bolts so that it can be taken apart and stored and then easily put back together for next year. Each connection is labeled with a letter so that I remember where each piece connects too. I decided to start this build a couple weeks before Halloween so I ran out of time for the following: Vibrators in each arm rest, fog machine ducted into tubes that spew fog near the victim's head, and a vibrating metal headband. I used a large knife switch to activate the prop. Cut an extension cord and wired it to the knife switch and then to the chair. My only issue is that for some reason the sander and firecracker activate immediately upon throwing the switch however the strobe light takes a few seconds to start up. This can be seen in the video at the end of the pictures. This is a bit problematic as I only keep the chair running for a few seconds so as to preserve the life of the firecracker. Any ideas on the strobe so I can get it to start flashing immediately? Anyways, the chair was a hit with the kids and adults Halloween night and I can't wait to add to it next year. Tips, suggestions and critiques highly welcomed!!
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That's wonderful! Great effects and I'll bet the TOTs were freaking out (in a good way!) What a great photo op too!

If this is how you do with a first prop build, you're going to make some AMAZING things! :D

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Thanks Frankie's Girl!! One thing for sure that I found out was that 2 weeks is not enough time for a build. Especially with it being my first and such a large undertaking. Even with one build behind my belt, will be giving myself a few months next year to do additional builds...
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