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My first attempt with monster mud

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I have always wanted to try my hand at using monster mud and this was my first attempt. It was a lot of messy fun. I used 2x4's as a frame and chicken wire for the body. I used burlap and monster mud for the robe. I painted it with gray and black paint. My wife let me use an old latern to finish him off. We had an early snow fall and he was left outside to collect snow so I put a Christmas wreath in his hand!
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Awesome, I would love to recreate it. I have no clue what Monster Mud is. Can anyone tell me?
Sweet gibbering Yog-Sothoth.

You were so successful in your quest to give horror a physical form, you... killed Summer.

It's not even Labor Day, and you...

So, we're friends, right? You and me, huh? Yeah, we're cool! Okay, you take it easy, you!

(slinks away shuddering).
Very Nice! Love the snow picture, you need to use it on a Chirtmas Card next year
Awesome, I would love to recreate it. I have no clue what Monster Mud is. Can anyone tell me?
It is a combination of latex paint and joint compound. You dip or slap it onto cloth like burlap and shape it while still wet, and when it dries, you have a cool drape effect that is mostly weatherproof and solid.


ReaperRick - AWESOME MM reaper! But the Christmas wreath... now that's scary this early! ;)
Post monster glitch. Sorry!
That looks awesome! I would totally use that picture as my Christmas card. Seriously. :)

BTW, do you mind if I ask how many yards of burlap you used? My husband and I are actually planning on making a MM reaper as well, but I can't figure out how much burlap to get! My luck I will either not get enough or have enough burlap for 4 of them! TIA.
Go to Lowes and get 2 rolls of landscape burlap....that will do a nice sized creature.
Thanks Homestead Haunt!!! I appreciate the info!
Okay, first off, I was expecting a light dusting of snow....

Then seeing the blizzard you got and that awesome reaper....I had to recheck the date you posted this...then the next thing I had to check was where in the heck you live.. LOL!

Anyways, great looking reaper. He is scar-ry!

The wreath was a funny touch.
Him standing out there covered in snow really makes the picture.
Hallow! And so it goes -- my mind is spinning!! 48 hours on HF and I have bounced from Pallet coffin designs to servo discussions and now this --- MONSTER MUD!!! And just when I was wondering about the recipe - here comes the link (thank you Frankie's Girl) to the Terror Syndicate site -- and those guys really blow me away!! My hubby is drooling - and now I regret letting that old bucket of sheet rock mudd go dry!! I had thought of using the kind of cast fabric that the doctors used when our son was hit by a car. He spent several weeks in a body cast made out of that plaster fabric. Since it was in October - the surgeon made a cute leg cast on a small skeleton to hang on his hospital bed. We still hang it every Halloween. . . But the MM is much better and certainly more affordable. Thanks for sharing Death in the snow... and with a cheery wreath too!! Charles Dickens is rolling with glee for sure! Perfect Christmas Carol picture - you could certainly offer that to a theater group for their holiday production brochure! Way to inspire us! Thanks and . . . BOO!
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I'm more impressed with all the fake snow you made for that scene . Good Job!!
I love him ReaperRick! I have always wanted to try monster mud too. I think this may go on my next years to do list. By the way...I second the motion to use the first pic on your Christmas cards this year!
This looks great! I would have totallly believed you if you had said you were a pro at monster mudding!

I LOVE the picture of it in the snow! Elegantly creepy... kinda puts me in mind of the thrid spirit that visits Scrooge in the Christmas Carol =) LOVE IT! LOVE IT =)
you... killed Summer.

I gotta say that I really LOVE this. Especially, the first picture. I can't add anything new that others haven't posted, but.....
A) I agree it would make a fantastic Christmas Card
B) Does remind me of Scrooge.

Really amazing job on the project and props on your photography skills as well. :D
Awesome job on the MM reaper!! The only thing I would have changed is having him hold Santa's hat instead of a wreath. (Kind of like one of the "mud men" at the Davis Graveyard holding a kid's Superman costume.)
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