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Hello all, I have been on the site a few times, but I just registered and I'm officially addicted.

I have always loved Halloween, but I became obsessed with the holiday about seven years ago when I worked a haunted house in Tyler, TX. We volunteered for two years and in the second we were voted on a website and in the city newspaper as the best room. Since then I have dreamed of having my own haunted house/trail someday.

I am running a haunted trail for my sister's party, and while it's not really a big deal, I am freakin pumped for it. If it is successful, I may be able to make this an every year thing. You have to start somewhere, right?

I feel I am pretty creative. I have come up with 14 scenes including about 20 actors, and I need about 10 more. Just when I think my brain is running dry I start digging through this forum and get all kinds of crazy ideas. I am really impressed with some of the work you all do. I have already learned so much and I'm sure I will continue to learn more to help improve what I'm doing.

This place is awesome!!
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