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After all the "Have you seen this product?" posts, I'm ready to do something different.

So here are a couple of my favorite props (these aren't in any particular order):

1. light up mummy groundbreaker: Sculpture Art Head Forehead Carving

2. floating ghost series (most of the floating ghosts): Fiction Fictional character Comics Action figure Games

3. The donna the dead lifesize prop: Head Costume Long hair Black hair Fictional character

4. The donna the dead floating ghost series (I consider it a sub-genre of floating ghosts):

5. Ripping reaper of souls: Fictional character Helmet

6. Vampire with cross groundbreaker: [I couldn't find an image. It was on ebay a while back]

7. Tormented Zombie: Sculpture Art Mouth Jaw Fictional character

8. 2009 Animated Michael Myers prop: Statue Sculpture Monument Art Costume

9. Spirit Halloween executioner: Costume Fictional character Personal protective equipment Cosplay

10. Chest ripping zombie: Sculpture Statue Art Mud Grass

11. Chin up zombie: Poster Fiction Advertising Photo caption Flesh

12. The whole 2008 display: Building Warehouse Market City Bazaar
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