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Hi Guys !

I Started this Facebook Pumpkin carving group just 2 years ago - and it's 100% Dedicated to the art of Pumpkin Carving.
For both Real and Foam Pumpkins..

We have a few thousand carvers in the group, and there are tons of great carving tips, there are FULL Step by step tutorials with photos that show how to carve an Awesome Pumpkin. I have been a professional carver for over 20 years and have taught 10's of thousands how to carve a great pumpkin, in both traditional cut-out designs, and 3 color shaded if you want to up you game.

If you Join the FB Group you will see 1000's of pumpkin carvings from NOVICE to PRO,
we have some of the World’s BEST carvers in there.
if you have questions, please just ask in the group, this is the REAL DEAL - to learn to carve the perfect pumpkin.

Link to Group (hope to see you there)


Best Witches
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