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My Electric Power Station Guy

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Well, this year I redid my electric generation station for the Haunted Forest. A couple of years ago I make a static prop for a power station with a static PVC figure for the electrician. I promised Tera that I would post a photo of the power station transformer but I just never got around to it and for this I apologize. So this year I decided to do something a little better. Last year at the end of the season I bought a Spirit Halloween Death Row Inmate with the express idea of repurposing him into my electric generation plant worker. To go along with this idea I reworked the whole power station generator into the prop pictured below. As soon as I can get my video to download to photobucket there will be a link to a video of it working. I am sorry that I do not have a night video of this in action but I just do not have a video camera good enough to capture it in the very low light of the Haunted Forest. The video was taken after it was set up and tested in the forest the day before our party. There are colored "chase lights" running out of the side wing "transformer pipes" and town the clear tubes then up the voltage gauge in the center. There is a red light at the top of the center power gauge that I plugged into a flicker circuit I made using a tutorial from the forum and there is also a green light inside the power plant that is also on a flicker circuit. It really worked well and was a big hit at the party.

OK, I finally got the video to download to my photobucket so if you are interested in seeing this working here it is. Just click on the "X" below the photo.

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Great idea. I love repurposed props. Sometimes the second idea is better than the original, as in your case.
Very nice. I like the idea, I may have to borrow this for next year.
Looks awesome! Screaming Demons is right... repurposed props often bring new life into an existing one. We did the same things with our Electric Chair Man... he is now our puking pirate, Sea Sick Sam. Much more "pirate-y", and a far better prop in the end (in our humble opinion). :p
Looks great, Scary Papa! Is that the electric box that Spirit sold last year or did you make that?
Dave, yes the box is the spirit halloween electric panel. I bought it two years ago to use with my original power station which was just the square grey box. At the end of the season last year i bought another panel for a spare and the death row inmate for 1/2 price and started making my new power station. Our son is a line foreman with the local power company so he and his work friends got a real kick out of this prop.
Thanks! I wish I'd bought one of those boxes back then.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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