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Yesterday, I added spider webs to my already Harvest decked out mailbox. I was just stretching that last bit of webbing when- from under the Fall Leaf garland- walked the biggest Daddy Long Leg spider I ever saw. She gave me quite a start- and then I laughed and went on pulling the webbing while she explored the new digs.
I finished placing a few plastic spiders and saw where I needed just one more to complete the job.

I retrieved the plastic spider from the house only to return to find that the the real spider had climbed up to happily sit and pose exactly where I'd planned to place the fake one.

Everybody wants to be a star.
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That's funny, she was probably thrilled you did her job for her. ;) Last year as I was finishing up our webs on the front bushes I pointed out an area to my boyfriend that I thought we had done a particularly good job on. I walked over and started to touch it when a giant and very aggressive spider jumped out at me. It was the real thing, and just sort of blended in with our work. This year I checked the bushes before we started so I would know if there were real webs beforehand. lol
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