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Last year I built myself a t-Rex costume
I had seen videos of dinosaur costumes and I wanted one but I couldn't afford the prices that these companies wanted.
So after I cleared it with the wife and assured her that I wouldn't take her parking spot in the garage, I started my build with only doodles and screen shots of videos.
I wanted mine to be different so I went with a cyborg. (Parts that were mechanical)
I gave myself three months to build it but I ended up working every day when ever I wasn't working. It ended up taking 5 weeks and 250 bucks.
I am really pleased how it turned out and ended up winning a big costume contest in Louisville and took home $3000
I started a fb page of the build so that my family and friends could see my progress


I'm not familiar yet with this sites ability to post pics yet so you'll have to visit the fb page until I get it worked out.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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