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My crafty cat

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My cat seems particularly interested in my Halloween projects. The second I set down my shopping bag from the Dollar Tree she was climbing in it. She was particularly fascinated with the crows of course. I had to show you all her video:

Do your kitties like to 'help'?
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My cats (Vincent and Boris) must inspect everything, and demand unlimited access to anything that is even remotely "interesting". Even though they're both around 10 years old they are feisty, fun and relentless when they've decided they need to 'investigate' something. They both bring such joy to my life.

Holidays are a challenge and I've had to change my decorating choices: Vincent decided a few Halloween's ago that he developed a taste for paper-mache paste, and anything made with said paste that he watched me make was targeted until the season was over: I'd find paper mache pumpkins and things all wet, full of kitty teeth marks, and completely shredded all over the floors and tables throughout the house.

After 5 Christmas' with me, Boris suddenly decided to eat part of a branch from the artificial tree, which cost $1,200 dollars to remove surgically. Boris is fine now, but needless to say I only have a real tree (which is nicer, anyways) and have a zero-tolerance policy for artificial garlands and greenery.

I have to use artificial floral materials with caution. Strangely enough, Boris wants nothing to do with real trees or flowers. I've switched to a wheat-based paste from PVA (Elmer's White Glue) and Vincent doesn't chew my paper mache decorations anymore; he just swats at it until it falls down to the floor to become proper kitty toys.

Imagine the fun I'm going to have this season, now that I've moved into a house that already has SIX cats. Maybe Vincent and Boris will be too pre-occupied to harass my ornaments and decor. A girl can dream, can't she?

Cats. Got to Love 'em.
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