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My crafty cat

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My cat seems particularly interested in my Halloween projects. The second I set down my shopping bag from the Dollar Tree she was climbing in it. She was particularly fascinated with the crows of course. I had to show you all her video:

Do your kitties like to 'help'?
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Aw cute! We have three cats and they are into everything as cats are known to be. But they don't sniff or paw at things more than once after we get things in the house. One of our kitties is having her first Halloween here, we got her in February and she was about 6-7 months old then, and I'm sure she's going to be into everything for the duration of the season. We kept a vulture up all year on top of a high bookshelf and she somehow got up there and knocked it over, several times. She's so darn cute though, so you can't stay mad for long.
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