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We have many cats

"Indoor" & "Outdoor" almost all newturd and spade.
(Newturd! hahahah! happens alot!)
Once and awhile my Wife allows her two precious female favorites a run through the haunted house to stretch their legs and it is funny!
They sprint through the slightly open door, across the living room at the speed of Science Diet Light, through the kitchen, turns and up all those stairs (old house-high ceilings) ZIP!
What is always amazing to me is how her oldest little cat (6 pounds) makes such clumking sounds coming down the stairs ?? How can a tiny little cat make such sounds?
The other funny thing is how afraid her macho cow-herding Cartigan Corgi is afraid of halloween masks, even if "Mommy" is the one wearing it?
He seems fearless concerning everything else, bossy too.
Mr. Tuxedo my spookhouse cat and business icon passed away 8 months ago, he was very old, had an interesting life here.
Jessica placed his likeness enlarged on our picture of the house and I still cannot believe how so many people think we have a cat that stands taller than a two-story house!????
They are serious when they come here looking for it!
"What do you feed a cat to make him get that big?"
"Photoshop, Photoshop cat food."
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