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I made some candles last year for my cemetery, but I'm making more for this year. I'm hoping to arrange them on a coffin. Anyway, last year, I only made a few drips from the top of the candle. See below.

But, after I saw Shawn and Lynne Mitchell's tutorial here,I loved how they looked with the drips down the entire thing.

I made 23 candles, ranging from 10" to 2".

I still have to paint the candles and get about 20 or so more tea lights

I guess my point is this: If you haven't tried making these candles, you really should. They're extremely cheap (although the glue drips do take some time), and they add a neat touch to a haunt
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Nightride, very nice candles. IS that a 3w flicker bub you are using in the video or something else?
No, like most other people that made these candles, I used an LED tealight similar to this one:

But you definitely could use the flicker bulbs, especially if you need to have them on for more than one night. The LED teallights do last for a while (website says 100 hours), but if you need them for 5 hours a night for the entire month of October, you might go with the 3w bulb to save money and the hassle of changing batteries. I think that Terra did just that.
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