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Another new member, mine isn’t as accurate as mparent's but I still got a great effect in public.

Supplies I found from an army surplus store:
Generic Canadian gas mask
Army helmet inner part
head lamp using 4 aa batteries
army belt painted dark brown
ammo pouch used for gas mask hose
Dickies coveralls weathered with some rough sand paper

Supplies I got from Hardware store:
Axe handle
basic black gloves
shop-vac vacuum hose
shelf brackets used for supporting foam axe picks

Found at a vintage store:
real leather boots I may use for future costumes (such as mad max)

Packaging foam from a computer box shaped into axe pic

I wanted to do a DIY for the axe but got so cought up in building it on time and my camera was not charged I didnt get a chance to. I basically duct taped 2 shelf brackets onto the top of an axe handle and found some computer packing foam that padds the computer inside the box, its really flexible and dourable. Shaped and hot glued the foam onto the brackets and handle then painted it up. The paint flakes off when the foam is bent but it didnt matter, It was such an awesome prop to carry arround with me in West Hollywood Halloween night.

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Very scary z50 Jumper! Looks like you're on the prawl inside an office! Great costume & prop... Hey, I won scariest costume at an annual local city Halloween party with my Miner's costume from My Bloody Valentine. Fun times!

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If its any help at all, i went as Harry Warden this year, and what i used was:

1 GP-7V russian gas mask(off ebay)
1 Blue Dickies Jumpsuit
1 Roll of sump pump tube (bought at menards, only about two or three feet)
1 Pair of work boots
1 Pair of generic black gloves
1 generic brown belt
1 large campbels soup can, painted army green (mock filter)
1 Yellow Helmet w/ Head light, painted Black (from village hat store)
1 black turtle neck
1 Under Armor face mask

I didn't make a fake pick axe. But it was still awesome.
another thing i did was, take some of the red food gel you use to write on cakes, and smear it on the silver vent in front of the mask. It dries and makes a great effect.
One problem with the helmet light is its not very bright and its got a weird switch on it. It runs off two AA bateries. You can buy a brighter bulb for it at radio shack. I rigged it with a new switch and it works really well.

Hope this helps,


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I just got the email this thread got bumped and realized I never posted any pics of mine.

The costume bits were all movie accurate, but i did a couple of things.. I did make a pick axe from paper mache and paperclay on a real axe handle, aged the clothes and light and all that good stuff, but the fun bit was this...

If any of you wore this **** to a party you know that mask is ridiculous absurdly hot with the tubes reversed like it is in the movie. If you see in my picture I attached the mask mouth tube to a military surplus plastic canteen, cut out the side of the canteen and hot glue sealed in a computer fan blowing outwards. Its running on 2 9volt batteries hidden in the canteen belt pouch. What that did is create a negative airflow inside the mask so it was constantly sucking air through the cheek side intake hole in the mask and basically sucking out all the hot breath.

It worked surprisingly well and gave me basically a face fan to keep cool. Just thought some of you might be interested in that. I've worn lots of unbearably hot costumes, but that rubber gas mask would have taken the cake.

If anyone is doing this costume this year and needs any of the stuff you can borrow it if you want. I have the helmet, vintage headlamp with belt pack, mask and canteen fan thing, large work belt, homemade axe, and xl jumpsuit. just email me [email protected]

word up!


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Not bad.
I'm currently working on my MBV Harry Warden costume.
I'm only missing a fake pick axe and the black nylon balaclava (hood).

I have the GP-7 gas mask, 2 rubber hoses and the 1 1/2" slip joint reducer
for screen accurate look (as seen in 9/10 issue of "HorrorHound" magazine)
I also have the Koehler Wheat battery pack,light and charger (E-Bay)
and I ordered an original miner belt custom made for me by
the shop that made the original miner belts used in the film.
I'll be posting pics as soon as i'm finished with my completed costume.
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