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My Bloody Valentine costume

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Just saw the 2009 version of My Bloody Valentine in 3D. Great movie! Must see in 3D. Any ideas on how to obtain or piece together a similar costume? Where to look, where to start...Thanks.
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I grew up in a mining town and the ideas mentioned so far are great. The helmets above are perfect, they just need a quick coat of krylon fusion black paint to be ready.

The mask will be the tricky part. I would buy the mask that was mentioned above and cut out the center mouth portion for a hose. What you need is a small piece of sump pump hose. It is very flexible and looks just like the hose in the picture. The bag he is wearing could probably be found, but I would look at some thrift stores and try to find an old leather purse. Then you could cut it down and make a nice looking bag for the hose to go into. If it is leather you could paint it and run a sanding block over it and rough it up a little.

Does this help any? I'm going to keep searching online and see if anything comes up.
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