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My birthday snatchees

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Well, considering the fact my family knows I'm a haunter (my mom and dad, that is) they got me a bunch of stuff from walmart's after halloween sale about a month ago, which was the following:

mini-face changer
numerous masks (bleeding reaper, skull with white hair, zombie with hat, pig man, ect.)
some hats, mainly three tri-corner hats (I'll use the other two for props)
an extra half gallon of fog juice.

they also got me another fogger from a rummage sale, TTA season 1 volume one (I'm a cartoon freak as well) a new guitar, and about 55 dollars in cash.

the cake was delicious too. :D

also, I'm sorry for not being very active, I had a bunch of school crap to do, and post halloween depression, but that's all past. :cool:
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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