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My "Beloved" tombstone finished...yea!

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Well, Folks, she'd done. More pics at my Forum page.

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Nice work i wanna tackle it myself but alittle nervous great work there
ooh I like the skull face
She looks so scary. The aging and stone painting is very well done. You should be proud.
Well done! I like the skull face! Nice twist on the original!
Thanks. I am going to do some more work on the water marks, etc. Her dress has a lace fringe and monster mud wasn't on thick enough and is starting to crack. I'll re-do that and triple seal with Spar varnish.
Great work!
Great scene! :)
Wow, that is creeeepy!
Great twist with the skeleton face, and I totally agree with Terra, the painting and coloring are excellent. Great job!!!
Man hats off to you!!!

That is absolutely amazing!
I'd like to try and make that myself. Is there a how-to somewhere on that?
That is SO awesome! Amazing job. I absolutely LOVE the skeleton face.
Kudos :)
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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