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Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I posted! Very proud of all the hard work that went into our Beetlejuice Haunt this year. Just getting around to posting about it. Hope you all had a great halloween.

Betelgeuse Light up sign:

BIGGER than the sign in the movie, it's over 9' tall! This was so much work for my roommate who is an electrical engineer. He managed to replicate the chase patterns of the sign from the movie. I painted and aged it to match Beetlejuice's filthy world.

"here lies Beetlejuice" Tombstone:

I sculpted this guy out of bead foam (never again) and added details with clay. Wood backed for stability and hard coated. I've never considered myself a sculpture, but this project really got me into it! The backlit led letters were blood red, they are just hard to photograph!

Beetlejuice Snake!

This might be my favorite. My roommate was able to weld a frame and body and use a stepper motor (and all kinds of other electrical engineer wizardry) to animate this snake to lunge at our TOTS when they came to the door! I sculpted the head, and put a speaker inside, so the sound would be literally in their face. I black light painted him, so all the lights when out when the door opened and he really popped. Is it bad to say I'm pretty excited how many kids were scared (got some crying YES!)

No, the air hose did not make an appearance, this photo was taken just after I finished painting him. You can see our Sandworm is on a Union break.

Zombie Barbra and Adam Maitland:

Another really fun sculpting project. They were pretty impressive magically "floating" just inside the front door.

The Preacher Creature and altar:

Can't have a Beetlejuice Wedding without this set up! I (stupidly) built the body, and sculpted the hands and face of him, and my roommate built the altar.


Yes, here is the RETAIL (artist in me sobbing) Sadworm. I did want to make it look unique so I disabled the lights and black light painted him.
I carved the "Saturn" profile flats out of foam and backed them with blue LEDS to get a silhouette look from that world.


We had an entire graveyard and an open grave for Beetlejuice. I tapped into my set decorator experience and wanted to do my own spin on things, and create a scene where Beetlejuice would be "lounging" in the graveyard. It's becoming clear to me we should really do a theme that CHILDREN have seen, because I think a lot of the detailed references to the movie were lost. But I enjoyed it a lot!

Wish I could post more pictures, but please view my gallery here:

View videos here:
Please see videos of the event here:
Videos Here:

Thanks for looking!

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Impressive, not at all that I was expecting to see - This is so much more. You sure you diddnt find those props behind the studio?;)
Zombie Barbra and Adam look to be right off the tv screen - very nice work!
So Nice of you Rusfield! Putting up the movie props would have been easier for sure 😅

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This was absolutely bananas!

The word 'epic' gets thrown a lot without good reason, but it definiteily applies here...ever single element was spot-on, and so rich in detail.

Amazing work, and thanks for sharing!
Wow thank you so much Defenestrator! That means a lot.
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