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My B-Day at the Haunted Masion...

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Hey every body...today I went to Disney and took some pictures of the Hauted Mansion to share with you guys for inspiration, enjoy!!!

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Thanks Liuoliveira,
thanks for sharing the pics. and Happy Birthday darling. I can never get enough of the Haunted Mansion. I can just hear the theme music as I was looking at your pics.

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Jealous!:( I haven't been back since the overhaul!

There's rumors that the HBG will finally be making a long overdue appearance with Disney worrying over a potentially huge drop, in park guests; as Universal opens the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Infact Disney accidently leaked plans overhaul all of Magic Kingdom with plans to add a haunted mine coaster dark ride inside of the soon to be closing Snow White attraction. WDW is stepping up their game to help counteract Harry Potter and hopefully keep the park guest over at the Mouse.

Oh! Happy Birthday!

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( Happy Birthday!!
Hey, I don't see you in any of the pics!!
I wanna go too! WAAAAHHH............. )

I'am Here WAAAAAA Thanks

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