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My attempt at Stolloween's haunted busts

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Okay, I got my idea from the very brilliant Stolloween here. STOLLOWEEN Haunted Busts I had to modify mine because alas, I'm just not that good. Still, I think they turned out pretty good! So first things first. I wanted to do 2 different sizes. It called for CD case bases so I used those plus I also made larger ones from DVD cases. You can see that I followed instructions perfectly until I reached the head.

Obviously these aren't the paper mache heads I was supposed to make. I tried. I mean I really did try to make the paper mache heads with the templates. It looked pathetic. And so I got 2 different sizes of skulls from the dollar store. I made the eyeballs myself. Well, sort of. I had bought a bag of eyes last year from Spirit. You know those really cheap ones that couldn't possibly pass at all for a REAL eye? Yeah, those. So I had bought those and then altered them using the eyeball printouts here: Haunters Hangout Easy Eyes
Okay, so I covered everything that needed to be covered in claycrete then spray painted it all black. (covered the eyes of course) Then painted, daubed, painted, just following Stolloween's instructions. There ya go!

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Those are very cool and verrrrrrrry creepy! Nice work!
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