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A Cornfield Test of a show programmed in Gilderfluke PCMACS with DMX signal out from a computer to a Gilderfluke Minibrick8, and Gilderfluke, 12v, 8 output relay board triggering a Spirit Halloween, "The Harvester" and two Spirit Halloween animated Black Crows. The footpad for "The Harvester" was hacked and screwed into the relay board along with the, "Try Me" buttons on the two Black Crows.

This setup is for a Halloween Party which will be downloaded onto a Gilderfluke Br-Brain4 which will send the DMX out to all lights, 4 Brightsign HD1020's, The Harvester and Two Black Crows. Fast Forward to 1:40 to see the props in actions.

I will post a video of the final product once finished. I hope you like it.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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