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My 2nd Tombstone

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Here are a few pics of my 2nd tombstone, I had planned on making 2 last year, but alas, time slipped away. Hope everyone enjoys


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Very well done, nice detailing and carving, looking forward to pics of the stone finished!
Here is a picture of the progress on my 2nd tombstone, been fighting a bad back, and a cold, so I haven't gotten as far as I would've hoped. But even if I don't get it completely finished it is far enough along to join my set up this year :)
Headstone Grave Text Memorial Stone carving
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Looks great already so I'd say, take a deep breath and throw in the graveyard :)
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skull added this afternoon. gotta go with what I got. tea staining and drybrush will have to wait, LOL.
Headstone Grave Memorial Stone carving Ghost

Head Skull Headstone Bone Art
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Carving looks great- really finely detailed. How did you do it? I use an Xacto, but it doesn't look as clean as yours.
thanks Neverhart, I use a combination of an exacto, and dremel, I tape down the epitaph, instead of tracing with a pen or marker, I trace it with an exacto knife, then when I dremel out the insides of the letters, I get a nice clean line. It is very tedious and time consuming. I tried using just an exacto knife held on a 45 degree angle, but never had much success.
Text Font Paper Paper product Handwriting

Hand Drawing Illustration

Circle Line Font Pattern Drawing
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Thanks for the reply, Darthrott. I understand about the tedium: I do the Xacto method and wind up chipping out the fill with the blade, which works fine... but, yeah... tedious. What Dremel bit do you use? I tried a Dremel by itself, but the control factor multiplied by the foam's unwillingness to let you carve a straight line equals a mess.

My dream is to find a CNC machine I can set to the task... I can draw straight lines and clean text in Illustrator all day. (-:

Again: great job.
I use the 1/8" cutting bit, I believe it is #561, for some strange reason if you go left to right or top to bottom, in other words keep cutting clockwise it seems to cut straighter, easier to control, I also use the cutting guide that let's you adjust the depth. Hope the tips help.
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