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My 2014 Halloween Display

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You can click my signature to see my 2014 Display.
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Wonderful display harboe69! I would spend an hour just looking around at everything. I especially like the outhouse and your lighting job.
Looks fantastic! I can't decide if my favorite is the horse or the outhouse. :)
I like how you didnt crowd everything and everything has its own special lighting.
It looks great and I am so jealous of all your leaves! They are wonderful!
you did a good job love your lighting as well.
Really awesome stuff. Comes alive at night. Haunting!
It was fun to go through and see all the different scenes you made with your props. You have a little of everything! The moving props and lighting are things I hope to learn to do better as the years go by. Thanks for sharing your haunt with us!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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