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Hi everyone! I've been putting together my newest addition to the haunt off and on since May. All of the cauldron creeps on this site look great, so I decided to try my hand at it. The first pic is just the basic frame, cheap styrofoam skull and some chicken wire. I used some left over bucky parts I had collecting dust in the garage. I chopped up the ribcage and mounted it to the chicken wire and just zip tied the static arm in place. If you look close to the left side of the ribs you can see where I mounted the absolute worst 5RPM Chinese motor I've ever seen ( I hope it holds up). The plastic case broke when I tried to screw it to the PVC so I just put in a 90 degree PVC elbow and used my soldering iron to melt out a U shaped cut in it to hold the motor. I dumped about an ounce of Gorilla Glue on it to make sure it doesn't move. So far so good.

The next pic is the rest of the PVC frame and bones attached. I had an issue with the creep leaning way too far back so I tied some rope to the frame and secured it to the wood block I have under the cauldron. I pulled it really tight to get him to lean over the cauldron. I think either the size of him or the weight of the bones was causing it to lean backwards. Anyway, it worked for me and he's now in the correct position. I painted the bones a moldy green first then a doo doo brown next and threw some dark grey and bright red on top just for good measure. Up close the paint job kind of looks like I went to a butcher, bought some bones with the flesh still on and let it rot outside for a good week. For the skull I cut out the jaw and painted the white areas black, then applied the same colors as I did with the rest of the bones. The eyes have green LEDs in them. The stir stick I got at the local state park.

On the finished product pic I cut some of the teeth out and painted them a yellowish green because he looked like he was ready to gum someone to death. I covered the eye sockets with wax paper since I don't play ping pong and don't use roll on deoderant. I added more chicken wire to his hunchback and covered the electronics with plastic, then wrapped him in burlap and a bunch of creepy cloth. I substituted the 12V power supply with a 5V for the wiper motor because he was stirring way too fast. I will be adding a green light for inside the cauldron and a fog machine with chiller will be attached to the back. Lastly I have some hot coals to add under the cauldron for the full effect. The cauldron was a black laundry basket I added cardboard spines to and wrapped in duct tape and covered with paper mache. I dig the way it came out, but he kind of looks like a rather large knock knee'd skinned monkey. What do you think?


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