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Must Haves: Your Supply List

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I am curious what you guys, who i admire so much, just HAVE to have in your supply list?

Lets say i can set up the ultimate workshop. what should i have in there?

two buckets of Monster Mud
a case of Great Stuff
Nail Puller
Dremel Tool with ?? attatchments
a gallon of liquid laytex
grey paint

what would you have??
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shop supply

Let's see...aside from beer tap (only for use AFTER the power saw, drill and nail gun!!) and fans to cool, I use a bit of everything:

air compressor
nail guns (one for roofing nails with 2x4s, and another with smaller finishing nail)
disposable latex and cotton gloves
one pair of nice leather gloves
table saw
Duct tape (Gorilla brand)
Gorilla glue
jig saw
hammer with claw
Dremel tool and all the attachments you can afford (and router bit)
screw drivers
lots of drill bits!!
miter saw
wire clothes hangers
old newspapers
plastic baggies
power drill/power screwdriver
adjustable clamps
vise grips
vise mounted on a firm table
monster mud (drywall compound with latex paint)
soldering iron (for the obvious and for burning stuff like foam and wood) and solder
electric tape
wire nuts
assorted size nails, wood and metal screws, washers, nuts, bolts
PVC pipes (from 1 to 3")
PVC glue
a tube of wood filler
PVC connectors (straight, 90 and 45 degree, etc.)
foam board
pieces of scrapped re-bar from construction sites
a small box for wood scraps
wood: 2x4, 2x6, 1x2, 2x2
regular spray paint: brown, black, grey, silver)
latex spray paint: red, red , red, black, brown, green
various cans of colored paint
spray and cans of Spar varnish
paint brushed from thin crafting type to 3" wide
16-18 gauge wire
wire cutter and stripper
electric socket and plugs that can be put onto the wire
electric wall socket holders
swimming pool foam noodle
Great Stuff foam (a few cans)
paper towels
shop towels
a gallon container of carpet adhesive
(& more disposable gloves!)
more room
28 hours in a day

Thats a good start, I think


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And if you want to build with metal;

A 135 amp Mig Welder
4" Floor Metal Bandsaw
Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
Nice set of Mig / Tig welding gloves.
4" hand grinder.

Lots of scrap metal pieces from garbage robbing! Old gym equipment is the best to find!

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duct tape
pvc pipe 1/2 and 3/4 inch with connectors
pneumatic fittings in both 3/8 and 1/4 inch sizes (tons of these in all different
configurations and reducers).
crazy glue,wood glue, glue sticks
tons of screws,nuts and bolts in all various sizes and lengths.
electrical ties
bubble wrap,pool noodles, wig heads for dummies
dremel tool attachment heads
bucket of liquid latex
cans of great stuff expanding foam
black,white,gray,brown,green,red, blue, oarnge , ivory paint
pink insulation foam board
1 by 2, and 2 by 4 lumber
3/4 and 1/2 inch plywood
play or pool sand
various size paintbrushes
matte spray finish
monster mud
extension cords
night light and regular light sockets
various size nails
roma plastalina clay
hydracal 30
different shades of wood stain
cheese cloth
hydrolock paint
extra hot wires
LED light bulbs in different colors
plastic containers in different sizes
electrical tape
wire nuts
spool of speaker wire
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