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Already a fan, have been for some time.

Between Larrys Radio link to Halloweenradio at the top of the forum, and Musique Macabre, I have all the creepy tunes I need while hiding from the summer sun, in the dark, in the air conditioning, planning...

"Nightmares happen most everyday
to people like you and me,
but don't expect a nightmare unless you help make it.. to beee...

So you shriek
While I'm slicing
You pray
while I plan

We'll do whats necessary 'cause
Even a nightmare needs a hand!

You beg
While I babble
You rave
while I rant.
Get help from the undertaker, cause
Even a nightmare needs a hand!

We'll help our tormentors to make our screams ring true,
but we can't do it alone, so, here's what we're gonna.. dooo..

You weep
while I whittle.
You drip
while I dry.
Lets all try to wail a little 'cause
even a nightmare neeeeeds...aaaa...haaaand!!!"
1 - 6 of 6 Posts