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Music From the movies suggestions

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First of all, hi to everyone! This is my first post! Ok, so every halloween, i like to look for music to lure the TOT's to our house. I usually go to the classic movies like Jaws, Physco, etc. for music. But this year i want to change it up. Do any of you have any suggestions for movie soundtrack music?? I'm thinking somthing like "Clutch, then Shift" from the movie Eagle Eye.

Eagle Eye - Clutch Then Shift <- Put this in the youtube searchbox to hear it
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I use john carpenter movie soundtracks.very moody music.i do a pirate scene and the fog soundtrack works great.
That song is nice. It sounds like movie trailer music. I use a lot of that in my haunt playlist. Check out these artists: Ars Arcana, James Dooley, Ken Muzzey, E.S Posthumus.

I also like the Resident Evil and Saw soundtracks.
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