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Yeah, gang.

This year's theme is zombies. Everyone is shambling over in various stages of decay. We have the food squared away (roast chicken, sliced roast beef and sausages in the chest cavity of a fake corpse) and makeup and decor is good to go (faux foam boards barricading the windows from the inside).

The issue is music. I was hoping for some classic living dead music, like the german oompa music that played in the mall in the original "Dawn of the dead", a song that also played at the closing credits of "shawn of the dead" (and if you're a Robot Chicken fan, the chickens cluck this song at the end of each episode).

I was also hoping for tons of creepy, crawls under your skin tunes.

I have the soundtrack for "Return of the Living Dead", with all it's 80's punk music, and I have Midnight Syndicate" "Cemetery Gates".

Any other suggestions? Sources for music or compilations?
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