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Two days ago a quite naighboor hood in Boulder was the setting stage of a tradiety. This will get a little graphic so be warned from here. This is a true story.

Wednesday April 1, 2009,
Time: 3.15 PM

I had just pulled out of the driveway on 23rd street with my sister heading to pick my niece up earley from school. As we barley begun to drive away out of the naighbor hood we past by a Boulder police car. Since there were no lights or sirens we diden't think much of it. We continued to the school were my niece was awaiting to get picked up.

It was a cold blizzerdey day, as we picked up my niece we headed home the longer way as traffice was bad and it was hard to see throught the bristling snow.

Same day- Time: 3:40ish pm

When we turned the corner to 23rd street we were stopped by Boulder police midway down the street. As he came closer to the car window there were fellow officers putting up crime sceen tape blocking the middle part of the street off. He approched the car and requested that we turn around and go down the next street and come in the other side.

As we got the other side of the street there waited 15 (littlerly) police cars blocking off the road, a pridemark ambulence pulled off to the side, a coroners car, a detectives car and Boulder police Command truck. Rushing inside we immeditley turned on the local news channles to see if we could find anything out. Nuthing came on. Watching out the front window we continued to see diffrent people of the goverment pass by. We still had no idea what went on but we were still watching hopelessley. Soon around 5.30 pm two local news channles pulled up. Denver channle 4 and 7. At 6.00 we turned the news channles on. At 6.06 PM we finally learned what happend. There had been a double murder on 23rd street.

In shock the next door naighboors came to give us further detail of what went on. She explained that the two people that were killed were a divoreced couple. The man Robert lived in the qaint home along with his two young children. His ex wife was an atternoy that had resigned from her Denver job on March 20th. We were told the divorce was not good at all. The naighboor told us the ex wife was crazy and was always givning her ex husband a hard time. The ex wife had been visiting her ex husband. No one one's why she was there and till today that remains a mysterey. A fight broke out and it led to a 911 call from the home. From there the deaths remain a mysterey.

As Boulder county police responed to the call at the home, know one would answer the door. Police soon broke down the door to the home and soon found two dead bodies.

Time: 7.13 PM
A detective for the Boulder police department came knocking on our door. Welcoming her in we shimmered and answerd her questions. Being there no longer than five minutes she showed her self out.

Time: 7.26 PM Roughley

The seconed entrence was blocked off from police. Only this time the crime sceen tape was now on our side of the street. With no more info progressing and as it was getting late, I asked a police officer to let me out from the crime sceen tape.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Time: Earley morning-

At home I get online to see if there's any new info on the double murder case. Nuthing comes on.

Time: Late afternoon 4:00-4:40 PM
I get online again this time the victems status and names have been released.

Time- Later on in the evening-
No current info is relased.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Time: 4.00 PM
I learn the deaths of the two victems. Gun shot wounds to the head. Two guns appeared a shot gun and a .9millimeter.
Both of the victems were suspected to be dead instentley.

Time: Current
To this very time the deaths remain a mystery. Some on the block say it was a muder suicide with the crazy ex wife taking the life of her ex husband. Others believe if there children who are 5 and under were in the home they would be apart of this tradity.

More to Come.

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Sounds like a murder-suicide to me. The authorities will sort it out in due time.

We had something similar happen here right across the street AT the police station. A woman's crazy ex husband was threatening her and she got in her car and raced to the police station, people saw and no one called for help. She pulled up in the police station by the front door and the crazy ex who'd been chasing her, shot her as she kept hitting her horn for help and then he shot himself. OEJ and I were home at the time and we had no idea what was going on, we just saw quite a bit of police activity. It was a little scary for awhile, but very sad.

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Ugh, that's so sad. We just had the Leroy, IL dad who committed murder-suicide here recently, so I can relate to the tons of anguish and sadness. The community is just in shock. We're attending the balloon release for the boys at the McLean Co Law & Justice Center in downtown Bloomington, IL 6pm tomorrow. Just can't believe it still...
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