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I built this prop last year for my haunt. But this year decided it doesn't really fit into my over all theme. So I'm seeing if anyone is in need of a mummy popup. ;)

The frame is built from 3/4" pvc. It uses a 1 1/16" bore, 4" stroke, double acting cylinder. A 12v 4 way, 5 port solenoid. There are flow control valves on both ends of the cylinder to adjust the speed up or down. I had it plugged into a wireless ac outlet with a remote using a 12v power supply. I just hit the button on the remote when I wanted the mummy to pop up. Then hit the button again to turn the power off and lower it. You can easily hook it up to a prop controller for an automated scare. It does not come with a power supply unless you want me to include it for an extra $5.

I just had it staked down to my lawn to keep it from jumping around. You could mount it to wood with a couple conduit straps also. I think it would look great popping up out of a tomb.

I'm asking $175 plus shipping for the mummy. Shipping to Florida is about $25. To California is about $15 So that will give you an idea on shipping for the mummy.

The griffins are not included in the asking price, but they are for sale if you are interested because, once again, they don't fit with my theme. They are pretty heavy, so shipping might be expensive. Local pickup would be great. I'm asking $50 for both, plus shipping. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks!
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