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mummy ideas needed

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has anyone got any ideas on how to do mummy make up please? it's for me, but i don't want anything really scary (as going to have kids from age 5 at the house who are quite timid) and i'm not going to have hours to do it as got take my kids ToT b4 the party.

i only live in a small town with few shops (uk) and no-where has any mummy masks so my initial idea is white face paint with thing grey lines through it to look like bandages.

ideas welcome. thanks.
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if you can get your hands on some cheesecloth or gauze or any old white fabric and cut it into strips you could glue it over a zombie mask or one of those blank masks they sell at craft stores.
thanks, not got a craft store within 50miles i'm on the coast and have masses of lakes and mountains for neighbours! but you have given me an idea to use "new skin" (for putting on wounds like a glue) and attaching few strands of paper bandage directly to me. :)
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i know this is too late for Halloween but this is a mummy my daughter did for her 31 days of Halloween makeup showcase.
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Been away for quite a while...just saw this thread and even though it's too late I did a mummy inspired make up/costume a few years ago...used a scream team appliance and made the costumes....be more than happy to share if it helps anyone. Face Head Human Forehead Mouth
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Me in face paint. Easy to use water activated face paint like Wolfe face Art and FX. Face Head Tattoo Forehead Mouth
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