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MsMeeple's Entry *

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Grandma vs Santa

grandma.flv - Video - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Grandma got run over by a reindeer
Walking home from Meeple's house on Christmas eve.


Santa, sleigh and reindeer are our regular christmas display: approx. 75 US dollars
New prop made for the scene: Grandma
Clothing, purse, cane, wig, scarf, shawl, and head: 15 dollars at the thrift store
Wiper motor: 15 dollars
Wood, screws etc: 5 dollars
Comments and looks from my dutch neighbors: PRICELESS! lol

Comments: Its been below freezing here the past few weeks. We wanted to add much more but it was too cold to work outside for too long! And it turns out that all our body parts and blood are boxed away in storage. Thought I had left that box here, but turned out to be wrong.
And ok, so its probably not the scariest entry but you got to work with what you have eh? lol

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Great job MsMeeple, would have liked to have seen the expression of your neighbors when they saw this!! Now that would be PRICELESS!!
Not quite right, but awesome nonetheless!
Great job MsMeeple, would have liked to have seen the expression of your neighbors when they saw this!! Now that would be PRICELESS!!
Yeah for some reason I seem to confirm every American sterotype that my dutch neighbors have lol
hahahah It turned out really great Meep Meep i live it and so did carol ...see i knew it would
i had all the faith in the world for you..too cool
great idea, taking the song and making a scene outta it! and love all the little details, you have a deviously creative mind!!
NANA!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Blasted Santa, Ill get him!

Great job!!!!
Thanks guys :)
MsMeeple . I have reason to believe (after seeing the boogieman vids) , that Santa and the reindeer may have been under the influence. It certainly wasn't a hit and run. But poor Grandma . Those sleigh runners are like slice and dice knives. EKKKK ! Very gruesome in a funny way. LOL. Or is that very funny , in a gruesome way. Never the less, great job, great fun , great detail. Yeah, would l have liked to see the reindeer nibbling at the head ! Keep up the american sterotype image for your neighbors. Do not comform. LOL !

Good Luck !
Good job MsMeeple. Love the Grandma leg prop, whole display is great. Good luck with Your entry.
:D I Love it Meeps! One of the best displays I've seen!
thanks goblin :)
I like the whole setup and very creatively altered to fit the contest. Love the vid too :D
Oh we were supposed to give our official photo here and not in the PM? Just to be sure, I'll do it here as well.

My official entry photo:

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i gave mine in a pm as well. then i saw gd put his here so i did the same thing. no sense taking a chance. i have asked blood hound how he did it. i haven't heard back from him yet. i was wondering which of the two pictures you would use. they are both so good. i think this one is the best choice, it shows more. good luck meeps. isn't this exciting!
I love this song, you did an awesome job bringing it to life!
Thanks :) You can order the drawings for the sled via internet. We ordered the drawings and hubby cut out the sleigh and reindeer from wood.

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