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Grandma vs Santa

grandma.flv - Video - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Grandma got run over by a reindeer
Walking home from Meeple's house on Christmas eve.


Santa, sleigh and reindeer are our regular christmas display: approx. 75 US dollars
New prop made for the scene: Grandma
Clothing, purse, cane, wig, scarf, shawl, and head: 15 dollars at the thrift store
Wiper motor: 15 dollars
Wood, screws etc: 5 dollars
Comments and looks from my dutch neighbors: PRICELESS! lol

Comments: Its been below freezing here the past few weeks. We wanted to add much more but it was too cold to work outside for too long! And it turns out that all our body parts and blood are boxed away in storage. Thought I had left that box here, but turned out to be wrong.
And ok, so its probably not the scariest entry but you got to work with what you have eh? lol

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Great prop, MsMeeple!! Very original! I like the little details like the purse hanging from the reindeer's ear.
I guess that's what happens when you drink too much eggnog! LOL
That's the best Meeps! You made my entire day!!:D
omg it's brilliant lolllllllllll love that
Very nice! I never would have thought of that.
Was this up all month?
HA HA HA HA!!!! I loved it, funny, creative..It has it all. Great work.
Poor Grandma...should've looked both ways. Great work.
meep meep, i love that song. that is to cool you made a scenereo to go with it. you really did some nice touches. the wrinkled nylons, the purse, the cane, and the eggnog container. and your reindeer and santa are excellant
Thanks everyone. We really enjoyed doing it. I just wish my body parts weren't in storage. I wanted to have the one reindeer, the one with his head near the ground, nibbling on grandma's hand. Also wanted an arm IN the sleigh lol And of course would have been great to have blood. But we don't have a ton of snow here like Halloscene so probably wouldn't have shown up well anyway.

Hallo: Yes, the wrinkled nylons were a MUST for granny. Never seen a granny without them haha

Mr. Chicken: The christmas scene has been up since the 6th of december when St Nick left. We added the grandma stuff yesterday because Pieter plans on breaking it down this weekend. We left the grandma stuff out for a day. Pieter was worried about his adapter/power supply handling the below freezing temps. And besides....as you can see from the pics and video, her legs hang over in the street lol If we had left her there too long there could have been more injury to poor grandma lol Good thing is, we now have a kicking leg prop to use with halloween :)

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Hahahahahaha!!! That is great!
Great idea! Love the purse on the deer :)
Meeps, just got back into here to check out your entry....love it, made me smile and laugh out loud. the extra touches with the cane, purse, nylons and all carry's the show!
You didn't tell me you posted it!!!!

Great job!!!
Love the fact that you have a music video to go along with your entry.... :cool:

Very nice job.
Great Idea and you can use the kicking legs for halloween.

However, I think the bald headed guy dancing to boogie man is scarier...btw where 's his O8 Performance?
Thanks everyone :)

Pod: of course there had to be a video. Otherwise, questions could have arised about whether or not her legs really moved :)

scareisburg: Oh yeah, the boogieman was there again. Here's a small clip of one of his MANY 2008 performances. Oh and that was MY guy he was abusing lol He was a jester this past year and it got to the point that when guests heard his bells coming their way, they ran in the opposite direction lol I have more film clips under the photo section on my webpage.

1 - 20 of 41 Posts
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