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Moving to new house in October Dilemma!!

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Hello All on Halloween Forum,

I have a dilemma that maybe you can help me with. I will be moving to a bigger house at the beginning of OCTOBER!! Now I don't mind moving into a larger home, however I will be pressed for time trying to put out Halloween decorations. Being on a military base not too many people go all out on decorations for Halloween, but I like being one of the few houses that the kids get excited about. So my question is.....should I just wait to get everything together and put it all out on like the last week of Halloween in one go (because I think it'll take me at least two weeks to get everything sorta put together inside from moving) OR..... put things out a little at a time as I come across them until I have everything out????

Usually I have everything out on Oct 1 and inside stuff done around the end of September, but right now everything is boxed up. I didn't even get to finish some props I had started working on:(

So what would you do???:confused: Put it all out for the full effect even if it's only for a few days....or.....put things out a little at a time as you come across things or have time????

Oh and since my hubby is deployed I'm the only person moving and decorating.....Yikes!! If that makes a difference on what you would do.

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Do it all the week before Halloween (after you've sort of gotten settled in a bit from the actual move) would be my vote.

(and wow - I think I'd be lucky to get a pumpkin out the same month as a whole house move, so good luck to you!!)
Lots of people, including myself, only put up a big display on The Day. If you have the energy, I'd so go for it. What a great way to meet the neighbors!
boxes can always be unpacked and things put away in November....
I use the little at a time approach, starting in September, some stuff even goes out and comes back in before the 31st (blow mold pumpkins).
Some items ONLY get put out on the 31st, basicly its Never finished
I live near and elementary school, so always adding always changing, BUT I do a 90% bring in the 31st and balance on the 1st so ALL is gone before school lets out on the 1st.
The part to remember is Halloween should be a NO stress event, (not that I've achieved that).
i like the little at a time...i would think folks would be looking to see what you've added each day.
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I like the "little at a time" approach. Who knows, you may also inspire others in the neighborhood to decorate outside as well if you put some out a bit here and there! :)

Plus, if I were doing the unpacking/decorating all myself, I would feel that waiting and doing it all at once would be more stressful. It would be easier to put it up as I go...
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