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Movieland haunted house

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So, I'm doing my local errands the other day and in the shopping center with the movieland theater, there stands a haunted house! It's all setup next to the dunkin doughnuts on the end of the strip. I nearly ran off the road at this- LOL! It was daytime and I could not stop by to see what's up. That night, I went by and sure enough, it's sponsored by the movie theatre. It's pretty big- bigger than what you'd see at a carnival and much better facade. I haven't gone in yet, but I will. But really wild though- just the haunted house down the road! On a sad note, it wasn't doing much business. I know it's early, but I hope that isn't a bad sign. I guess a walk through will tell me more too.

Does anyone else have this in their neck of the woods? This is a first around here. Interesting that a movie theatre would do this.

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